Walter & Associates, Inc.
P.O. Box 3358
Olathe, KS 66063-3358

IT Director - EU - (02495231)

Min Salary: $100000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time, Temp-Hire, Contract
Listed Date: 6/21/2017
Degree: Bachelor
Global IT Director with over 15 years of experience comprised of strong technical knowledge and solid business acumen. Key business leader with a vision for evaluating and aligning large-scale infrastructure, systems and applications direction, and functionality by recommending, integrating, implementing, and upgrading solid technology solutions. Highly effective at directing day-to-day IT operations and driving overall IT strategy. Frequently engaged to build new or transform under-performing/failing divisions by restructuring/refocusing and implementing processes/solutions that support operational models. Consistently exceed expectations by collaborating with executives to streamline and delivery multiple integration and development projects. Adept at supervising and training technical staff in multiple locations with a focus on exceeding customer satisfaction and company objectives
  1. With the interviewing you may have already done, are you close to making a decision on anything now? No, no offers yet
  2. Are you looking for full time permanent openings only? Not only. I would do contract or short-term 
  3. What is/was your compensation? $120,000/year, five weeks vacation, car including insurance and gas, 20% bonus, stock options
  4. Why are you no longer at Crocs? Organizational changes. All IT moved to report directly to corporate in the US
  5. Do you have a preference(s) as to where you would relocate?  Please list those areas. The West, Great Lakes, Carolina's, Georgia, Florida. Not interested in high expense areas such as Boston, NYC, DC, SF
  6. How many reported directly to you? Three
  7. How large of a staff did you oversee? Eight
  8. Looking for an opportunity, are you open to travel? Yes, including international
  9. Are you open to Consulting? Yes
  10. What is your criteria in looking at this next career move? of co, industry, size, role/responsibility, title/level, etc. Director level for small to midsize company around 250-500M revenue. Retail is preferred
  11. What do you feel your strengths are that you bring to the table for a hiring mgr or company to know when considering your resume for the level you are looking for? Strengths are communication, loyalty, well-rounded IT knowledge, ability to lead and drive team to solutions, ability to work well with business leaders
  12. Do you have a family to relocate with you? Not at the moment
  13. How much JDE experience do you have and how current? I have over 10 years JDE experience. The last time I worked with the system was 2014 on version 8.11
  14. Do you have any distribution center, warehousing or transportation application experience? At Crocs we used Manhattan WMS and Ship it Smarter, and I managed that for Europe